Jesus Daily Prayer


Dear Jesus Christ, I approach you on this day with a heart brimming with affection and appreciation.


I express my deep gratitude for the selfless act of laying down your life on the cross, willingly bearing the burden of my transgressions, and restoring my relationship with God.

I am immensely grateful that your sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection have opened the doors for me to establish a profound connection with you, allowing me to encounter the Father's forgiveness and grace in a deeply personal manner.

I implore you to assist me in walking in your footsteps each day, faithfully carrying out the duties of a devoted disciple.

May your Holy Spirit indwell within me, providing me with the strength and ability to love and serve others just as you exemplified.

My prayer is that your name will be exalted and honored, and that countless individuals will come to recognize you as their Redeemer and experience salvation through you.

In your precious and revered name, I affirm these words.