Meditation Prayer


Lord Jesus Christ, You taught us to slip away to a quiet and serene place to pray and meditate when the world's turbulence comes our way.


Lord Jesus, You gave us the perfect example of always praying and meditating when our willpower is pushed beyond limits, for it is the best alternative to resulting in anger, anxiety, and frustration.

Lord God, whenever we are unable to pray, You usually know our needs and the wishes of our hearts.

Please, sweet Jesus, help us to continue doing Your Holy will and walking in Your path.

We also pray, dear Heavenly Father, for those who do not believe in You and have no personal communion with You.

Walk beside us dear Lord so that we can become the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

May Your peace, joy, and love be felt by all people we come across.

May we become living witnesses of Your goodness and providence, and may Your mighty name be glorified forever and ever.