Prayer Before Meal


Lord, what a benevolent Father You are!


You abundantly provide us with an array of delicious food, a dwelling place, a loving family, a place of worship in the church, means of employment for sustenance, and countless other blessings.

We are deeply grateful to You, particularly for this meal we are about to partake in; we acknowledge that it too comes from Your hand.

Father, we recognize that nothing occurs beyond Your divine will, and it brings You pleasure to bless us so abundantly.

Lord, Your kindness towards us exceeds what we truly deserve.

Your forgiving nature shines upon Your children, whom You have redeemed through the sacrifice of Your Son's life.

It is beyond our expectations that He would die for us, and You would shower us with such blessings.

We understand that offering our praises and thanksgiving is a sacrifice that pleases You, and thus, we express our gratitude and lift our voices in praise for Your unwavering kindness.

In the Name above all names of Jesus Christ, I pray.