Prayers of Confession on the Prodigal Son


Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you.

Have mercy on me and hear me.

I am now not worthy to be called your son.

Come to my aid, O God.

Make me like one of your hired servants.

Forgive me and spare my sins.

Because I greatly hunger for you.

Wipe out the wickedness of my sin.

Show favor to me, Lord, a sinner.

Snatch my soul from the hand of hell.

Remember me, Lord, in your kingdom.

Raise me up from the filth of sin.

And do not remove your Holy Spirit from me.

Nor in your anger rebuke me.

To you I flee, most holy Father.

And have no refuge but you.

Sons are accustomed to flee to their fathers.

…Place me beside you.

Lord God of powers.

Since I know my sin.

Lord God, the power of my salvation.

Do not utterly abandon me.